A Bunch of Photographs

here are some photographs from my holidays in southern France, a really beautiful place with such nice landscapes. Now you can have a little sneak peek from my Birdcation.

thank you if YOU are reading this, it means a lot to me.

Enjoy 🙂

From all the pictures I took while I was on holidays, this one might be my favorite one, I had the perfect angle and love this little blurry effect!
Southern France
You can not imagine how hard it was to take this picture…I had to wait a couple of minutes for the people who were standing there to leave, but In this end, I got my picture!

This photograph was taken at a wedding this august.
This place has its own secrets…
And I met this beautiful cat, he was following us, I even think that he wanted to come with us, too bad I would have loved to take him with me. Plus they’re more friendly in the south than they are in the north…just saying

And last but not least…



Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

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