Let me introduce myself, that is the least I can do right? I am Mathilde and I come from France (Why am I writing in english then? because I chose to make my blog in english 😉 ) in a little city located in Normandy where it rains ALL the time (Don’t go there)

I may have plenty of things to say because I have so many hobbies and interests…but first let’s start about what I love the most: Music, I’ve been playing guitar for more than six years maybe now and singing for three years (I still was at the time I wrote this post but I don’t have the time anymore). I really enjoy it. I also listen to everything, though my favorite genre is the electronic music (Actually I dream about becoming a DJ sometimes, so tempting). 

Then, I’m interested in art, I draw, I like reading, my favorite author is Stephen King and I love Sophie Kinsella.

I’m an English student at the University de Rouen located in northern France and I’d like to become a teacher to teach abroad maybe, I’m thinking about it. I also think about doing a Gap year after my degree, in the US or England.

Yikes I almost forgot to say that I’m a Tv series addict (very important to mention it), according to my “Tv Show Time” profile, I’m currently following and watching 104 shows…I’m so crazy. I think that is all I have to say for this Birdree post, I’m not going to reveal everything yet!

Thank you if you are reading this.



Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

58 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION”

      1. Yes we have some friends there. In Australia we have people from all over the world coming to stay with us and help around the house, in exchange for food and a place to stay. This way we have made many friends in other countries! I enjoyed Paris but my stay in the Rhone alps was my favourite, along with my stay on the west coast 😍

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  1. It’s nice meeting you! We have quite a few things in common. I also love music (though our favourite style is different), I love reading too and I’m also an English student who wants to teach abroad hahah xx

    Zoel Hernández |

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      1. YOU DO!! I am so hapy to find and be friends with people who are like me. I don’t feel like a misfit anymore!! Yay! All thanks to you!

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  3. I wish I could play guitar, I play the piano though 🙂 I also love to read and draw 🙂
    I don”t draw as much as I used too. These days I take a lot of pictures instead and watch a lot of tv shows 🙂
    My favorites are “Jane the Virgin” , “Jessica Jones” , “Project Runway” and a bunch more


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  4. Hi Birdree, Shreya from Pastel Orchid here! Just couldn’t help checking out your blog and I can definitely say it was worth it! We have so much in common! I love to sing, I’ve been doing it since I was five:) I love your sense of style and I thank you for giving me an insight on some amazing beauty products! (I’m a real mess when it comes to makeup) Also, what TV shows do you watch?? Is Pretty Little Liars on the list? I’m hooked! Thanks for being so lovely!

    Stay sweet! Shreya xx

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      1. So to answer your question, yes PLL is on the list! 😉 who’s your favourite character?
        Thank you, you’re lovely, I like your blog too, you should have more followers! 🙂

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      2. Ooh…ok. Favourite character until season 6 was definitely Toby. He was just so mysterious! And I loved the Spoby and Haleb relationships! Now with season 6, everything is so different! Favourite character is probably Caleb, favourite liar was always Spencer! Are you up to date? Thank you so much for the follow and that’s so sweet! The number are building slowly but steadily and I couldn’t be happier:) Let’s stay in touch! xx

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  5. Hoho, nice to know about you! We have many things in common!! I like to draw, read and well, for music… for me it’s better to listen and… sing at the shower hahaha. I also want to teach abroad (if possible), but in my case I would be teaching Spanish 🙂
    I didn’t know about “TVShow Time”, I’m already creating an accound, I was searching for something like this, because I have one for Asian films/series, but I was looking forward to one of English/American 🙂

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  6. Nice to meet you. I am impressed you can play the guitar that is a difficult instrument to play. I write short stories and books. That is cool you are from France I would like to go there Italy and Portugal. I got my degree in English but decided teaching wasn’t for me. Right now I am living the dream doing my writing.

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      1. I’ll read more of your blog looks pretty cool to me. I am proud to follow you thank you for liking some of my posts. If you are ever looking for something to read just go through my blog i got tons of books and almost a 1000 short stories.

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