Why we should love each other

I am happy to share this new post with all of you (well, lets be honest, a little of you aha)  Enjoy! 🙂
 We shouldn’t let religion, a skin color or who we are separate us because this, it doesn’t mean anything, we shouldn’t wait for a drama to show our family and friends (and even people we don’t know) that we love them, what do you think about that? This is the number one reason. And I am going to tell you something, I love you whoever you are, YES, I LOVE YOU. Every one deserve to be loved. 
2015-11-22 16.36.32 HDR
I went to Paris yesterday and it felt great to see this solidarity between everyone, you could feel the love. People were hanging “Free Hugs” signs, I hugged some of them and it felt really really good, for only a few seconds I felt love for them (I didn’t wanted this feeling to stop), I am very serious, I was hugging them as If they were my friends, family and I care about them I care about everyone on this planet. 
The previous picture was taken on the Republique square, where people come to drop off a candle in loving memory to the people who died on the 13th of November in Paris. it was both sad and beautiful in the same time, people were singing “La Marseillaise” together, they were smiling, some others were painting on the concrete.

2015-11-22 18.21.52



I’d like to hear your thoughts about this subject so don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below! And don’t forget to give some love too ❤ 
I love you

Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

One thought on “Why we should love each other”

  1. I’m very confused about this topic, more so now than ever in my life. I am so glad you wrote to the topic. I’m probably not the best to write about this. I have been accused of having no love. At another time and by another person I was accused of being the punishment for everything this person had done wrong in her life. Platonic wins the debate for me. I think as soon as people start touching, war follows. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like once people start touching, it’s almost impossible to get along. If they’d just talk, you know…but we’re all supposed to be mindreaders for some reason. Go figure.

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