5 things I like (don’t like) about Netflix

My top five things about watching Netflix


My top five things about watching Netflix:


Numero uno: I like the concept of Netflix, you can watch as many movies or tv series as you want (as long as you pay for it of course, but for those who are interested, there is a free month try, only if you didn’t know it and feel interested in purchasing to Netflix).
Numero dos: their original series are splendid I recently watched “Jessica Jones” in TWO DAYS (I want season 2 right now!!!), you know I am a Marvel fan but I did not expected to finish it that fast. I recommend it! There’s also Daredevil, Sense 8, The Returned (which is originally a French tv series on Canal +) which I liked better than the french version, but unfortunately it was cancelled after 1 season. Annnnnnnnd there will be a tv series about Iron First (Marvel again) which I am looking forward.
Numero tres: The thing with Netflix is that you don’t have to think about what you want to watch for hours, Every time I wanted to watch a movie (before Netflix) I couldn’t find anything. Now with Netflix you have a suggestion of several movies in different categories, you don’t have to think, they’re right in front of your eyes. THANK YOU NETFLIX FOR CHANGING MY LIFE AND MY BRAIN’S.
Numero cuatro: I discovered various movies and tv series, and I even watched some horror movies (I don’t even like them, I am too scared). 
Numero cinco: The only problem in Netflix France is that there’s no recent movies, except 1 or 2. So I use a VPN to change my french IP address into an American or British one, so I can take advantage of Netflix US/UK.
Now I’m going to watch some Netflix! 😛 
I also created a new verb : Netflixing  😀


Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

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