My early Christmas gift to myself

This One Direction’s new Album is called “Made in the A.M” and I am bloomin’ impressed by this 5th album. I was not a big fan before, but it was before I listen to these songs.

Made in the A.M? What is this? It’s One Direction’s new album and wow, I am bloomin’ impressed by this 5th album seriously, I am not a big fan of One Direction, but, this album is super amazing! I don’t buy CD’s a lot but I wanted to buy this one for days, and I did this morning. This album is currently my guilty pleasure (with Keeping up with the Kardashians). I probably love every songs from this new album and if I had to choose one I love more I’ll probably say “End of the day”, I love the rhythm and the harmony of this song. From their debut album “Up All Night” to “Made in the A.M” their style really changed, their music is more mature and not only for teenagers, I mean, everyone can appreciate to listen to this new album. I used to listen to their first album four years ago when I was 15 years old, gosh I was young but I gave up on them for Bullet For my Valentine and for those who don’t know them it is a metallic band, the very opposite of One Direction. My music tastes changes all the time, and now I can almost listen to everything and I do love listening to One Direction right now, and I don’t care about people’s opinion, everyone has the right to listen to anything they want, and if you want to listen to One Direction or anything else that makes you happy, do it!

2015-12-05 18.45.40

Leave a comment if you feel the same, I’d like to know!
I bought this Deluxe Edition (but I don’t even know if there’s a normal one as I could only see Deluxe Editions). Those 3 bonus tracks are very nice, A.M closes this album perfectly. 
Thank you all for your likes and comments,
Love you ❤


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