Q&A or nah? 

Hello guys, how are you?? 

I wanted to do this for a little while now, I saw that some blogger did it and I really think about doing it. So, should I do a Q&A? I don’t think I have enough people following me for this but I guess I can try. Maybe you could comment on this post asking me a question that I’ll pick for next post? 🙂 what do you think? 

Thanks for being my internet friends, I love you all ❤



Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

30 thoughts on “Q&A or nah? ”

  1. Books or movies?
    If you could get one celebrity to read your blog,who would it be?
    Fav song at the moment?
    Your inspiration?
    Hope these Q’s are alright 🙂


  2. I’m thinking about doing a Q&A too very soon 🙂
    What’s your favourite movie, book, TV show?
    What’s your favourite colour?
    What’s your biggest fear?
    Do you collect anything?
    What you love about you?

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  3. It is very cool! I’ve also thought about doing a Q&A haha
    My questions:
    – What do you love doing in your spare time?
    – Which is the most amazing thing you have ever done?
    – What is your favourite food?
    – What is your favourite quote?
    Hope that’s fine haha!

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com


      1. Oh, woops I pressed enter too soon haha! My questions are: What’s your favourite breakfast? Have you ever had a traumatising event? If you do, would you be comfortable in sharing it with us (your readers)? What’s the happiest memory you could think of now? 😀

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  4. I am a music freak…..so! Other than BELIEVE WHICH IS YOU FAVORITE SONG!!?? I am literally jumping with anticipation so pls answer my question!!

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      1. Ur welcome, milady! I am freaking out right now!! yay! I am sorry to act like this but i have very few, and I mean very very, friends who actually listen to house so….yeah! waiting…….*tapping my foot*

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