Q&A #1

Wow I never thought you would ask me around 18 questions. Thanks lods guys, and even though it’s going to take me ages and just because you’re awesome, I decided to answer every one of yours questions (except I have one or two questions that were asked twice). 

The first question is from MysteryBlog:

☞ What is your favorite thing to blog about?  Since I started blogging in August 2015 (I first started on Blogspot but decided in September to change for wordpress) I didn’t had a specific thing to talk about but If I had to choose between all of them I would say the place I have been to. I love talking about it and sharing my little moments with you all. That’s also the best thing I like to watch on people’s blog, like two days ago I read Zoel HL’s blog post about travelling, after that I really wanted to go on a trip.

Next question from Arielle

☛ What did you first believe blogging would be like compared to what it actually is? At first I decided to start blogging for myself, I still do because I really like writing, I always did and it is the only place where I can be honest and write about everything and anything I want. But now I realize that the number of people following my blog is growing every day and I will never thank you enough for your support. I never thought one person would stop to read my blog, but almost fifty? that’s crazy! I hope I answered your question? 🙂

Questions from Dziey:

 Books or movies? Well that one isn’t easy aha, books and movies are totally different, and even though I watch at least two peer week I’ll choose books, if you read my previous post about books you’ll know I’m a fanatic.
If you could get one celebrity to read your blog,who would it be? Jennifer Lawrence, it would definitely be her, she’s perfect! 🙂
Fav song at the moment? I’ve been listening to this song for 3 days straight, it’s Hotel Ceiling by Rixton
Your inspiration? Zoella, since the first day I watched her videos and read her blog I wanted to start my own blog, and maybe start a Youtube channel one day but first, one step at a time. 

Next are from Rebecca:

 How would you describe yourself in 5 words? Stubborn, impulsive, stressed (like hell), caring and Funny (I think I am but I am not too sure of that one though aha)
Favourite quote?And in that moment I swear we were infinite” from the Perks of Being a Wallflower (the movie).

Questions from Katipereira18:

☞ What’s your favourite movie, book, TV show? My favorite movie is The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper which was released November 27th 2015, a true story from mid-1920s about the first man who changed sex. My favorite book is “The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella and my favorite Tv show is The Shannara Chronicles, a MTV tv series which first aired not so long ago. I could have said Teen Wolf because it’s one of my favorites as well but I loooove this new tv series. Well done MTV.
What’s your favorite color? Blue, color of the ocean 🙂
What’s your biggest fear? I freaking hate spiders, I can become crazy at seing one. 
Do you collect anything? Hum I used to collect cinema tickets aha
What you love about you? wow that’s a hard question because I don’t really like much things about me actually. Can I answer, my blog? because it’s part of myself isn’t it? 🙂 (and also because I really didn’t know what else to say).

Questions from adayinthelifeoftheanonymousme:

☛ Who is your favourite blogger/what is your favourite blog? I have to say Zoella again because she’s the one who inspired me 😉 and her blog as well aha
What do you want to be when you’re older? Well, I want to be an english teacher in France or abroad I’m seriously thinking about it. 

From Zoel HL:

☞ What do you love doing in your spare time? I don’t go out often, but I’m always home watching tv series/movies/reading and sometimes drawing. But sometimes I go to the cinema (always about movies aha).
What is the most amazing thing you have ever done? I may have a little story for you. It isn’t the best thing I have ever done but something which embarrassed me two or three times and people know me about this. Back to the time I was in a band called “The Scamps” with friends, we were all in a music school and every year at the end of the year their was a concert and we had to perform in front of a hundred (or more) of people. I was so anxious about going on stage and play (worst time of my life aha). But I somehow managed to do it, everything was going well until I totally forget about the chords and lyrics,and just stop (and so did my friends). I was so embarrassed. It also happened the next 2 years. Now everyone reminds me what happened when I talk about it (I’M FAMOUS 😛 lol).
What is your favorite food? Pastas, I love pastas ❤

Next Question is from Rubyscandence:

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years. Will you still be blogging? I hope I will still be blogging (even if I will be 30 years old, I can’t even think I’m going to turn 20 soon, gosh aha), maybe I’ll have my Youtube channel and will teach english? I hope so 🙂 

Questions from RaisaEscalada:

☞ What’s your favourite breakfast? I usually don’t have breakfast but when I do I love scrambled eggs with bacon that’s so yummy! Have you ever had a traumatising event? If you do, would you be comfortable in sharing it with us (your readers)? It happened a while ago, I was with my grandfather, he was driving back from buying me a magazine and I was really happy with it, I was looking at the pictures inside and was too busy to notice what was happening. That day my grandfather and I had a little car accident (but very little we weren’t hurt or anything), he actually lost consciousness while he was driving. When I lift my head and saw my grandfather unconscious I thought he was pretending (I think I was 6 or 7) to be asleep but soon I realized he wasn’t so I started crying, i couldn’t stop myself. Then 2 man came and pulled me out of the car and called an ambulance. My grandparents house was just a couple of blocks away from the accident so I ran to warn my grandmother.  What’s the happiest memory you could think of now? My 18th birthday, the best night of my life. 🙂

And last question is from EDMonGOVN:

☛ Other than BELIEVE, WHICH IS YOU FAVORITE SONG!!?? I’m a big Fan of DVBBS and “Never Leave” is the one I love more. 🙂 

And this is how I close this first Q&A, thank you so much for all your questions, I enjoyed answering every one of them. Love you all ❤


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14 thoughts on “Q&A #1”

  1. Thank you so much for including me here! I love the post, it’s nice knowing more about you! I also love Zoe and I agree with you, Jennifer Lawrence is perfect! x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bonjour, I am tagging you for the Beauty Bloggers Awards tag. This is just a nice easy tag post for your blog where you answer some questions. If you want to do it, all the information is in my latest blog post xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. How come I’ve only read this now?! What? 😦 Gosh, I’m late! 🙈 Anyway, first of all, thank you for answering my questions! Second, scrambled eggs & bacon (plus pancakes or waffles) is my fave too! It’s so delicious ugh now I’m hungry (note: it’s already 9:41PM here and now I’m craving for breakfast food! Haha!) Third, WOW what happened with you and your grandpa’s really traumatising! I’m glad both of you are okay! T_T Fourth, I’m happy you had a great time during your 18th birthday!!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright! 😉 you did now! I’m happy you enjoyed this one! 😘❤️
      Unfortunately you have to wait a little for breakfast aha 😛


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