What should I do?

Today’s post is going to be short and very different. I just need to ask you questions and sorry but this could be very boring.

I was on my Facebook account this morning when a new post popped up in the news feed (because I’m following a page called “students of rouen”) a guy posted something about electronic music and if you’re following my blog you’ll know that I really enjoy this. So apparently he recently released his first techno track. I listened to it, it’s pretty good even though techno isn’t really what I listen to aha. I took a little look at his Facebook and I must say wow! He’s very attractive aha. I’m here watching his photos… Hopefully he can’t see it, he could think I’m stalking him. 

And now I don’t know what to do. Should I send him a message or should I not? I don’t even know what to say to him, I’m gonna mess up. I’m too shy to directly go talk to people, social medias seems to be the only way for me, see I’m talking to you by this blog! 😉  So, what do you think I should do? I want to send him something and don’t want to because I’m afraid I’m going to make a fool of myself.

Thank you if you read this, I promise you tomorrow will be much more interesting! 



Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

17 thoughts on “What should I do?”

  1. I think you should say something to him! I don’t know, maybe say that you enjoyed his tune or that you’re really interested in his work and how he ended up doing that. You won’t seem a fool, and if he thinks so, he’s an asshole. Risk and say yes to things, is the only way to live a plenty life! x

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  2. You should send him a message, but be careful! Be safe from being hacked and cyber bullied. I know how it feels, so believe me.Though, don’t get scared! I am going to check out his facebook too! 😝

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  3. You should send him a message. At the end of the day it won’t do any harm because he probably doesn’t know you. Talk to him about music – what music you like, why you like his music. See if you can find any common interests. I can’t remember where I heard it, but,’all you need is twenty seconds of courage’. Happy Blogging! xx

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  4. Send him a message, just say hi and tell him u love his music! I don’t think he will take it the wrong way. He may find it encouraging after all. But most importantly, just do what your heart tells you and what you think is right, despite of what we may suggest!

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  5. After reading this post I’m like, “OMG Mathilde you’re so cute” 😆😂 Go message him!!! Tell him his music is good and that you wanted to hear more tracks from him. I agree with aspoonfulofgoodies – risking and saying yes to things “is the only way to live a plenty life!” But be careful, alright? ☺️💖

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      1. Aw man. I don’t get it, why didn’t he reply back?! That’s just…rude. 😦 If he were me, I would have squealed to death because someone appreciated my work (and my looks haha) Anyway, that’s okay! At least you tried and I bet you were wonderful. (I bet he doesn’t realise the chance he “let go” of!)

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