Seasonal Style Favorites (Winter edition)

So you know I briefly talk to you about a special post in one of my previous posts? here it is, my collaboration with the gorgeous blogger LifeStyle’s drafts you should go check her blog, she gives beauty/lifestyle/fashion tips. She doesn’t have a lot of followers yet but maybe we can change that, you should go follow her right away, her blog really worth it! This is my first collaboration with an other blogger and I hope you’ll like it because we worked hard on this one (joke) aha. We will collaborate every seasons of 2016. Mine or hers (I don’t know) will be part 1 or 2 so you’ll have to click on her link to read her season styles favorites. This is a quick preview of her blog:

Capture d’écran 2016-01-16 à 18.19.00

I have a few things to show you so are you ready? great now let’s start shall we?

Tarte Tatin Yankee Candle:

OMG! okay can we have a little talk about Yankee Candles like right now? Those candles are the best in the world, they are everything. The smell, the look or even the originality. I don’t know who had this idea but he or she is a genius. Do you also have the Tarte Tatin candle where you live? because its is a french pie, it’s absolutely delicious, I could eat it. It is a little expensive, especially for a candle. I bought the medium classic jar for about 25€. They are very big candles but they really worth the price! the medium jar is big enough. So, if you can afford it you should get one, there are so many different candles so you can basically get anything you want.

A fluffy comfy jacket from Primark & Shirt from Springfield:

This knitwear is super fluffy and comfy. I wear it when I’m very cold at home, unfortunately I can’t wear it outside, this knitwear is very long which is the total opposite from my coat,more like a warm jacket than a coat though. Too bad because I am always cold, I’m the kid of person who gets cold every time I’m extremely sensitive to the cold. The good thing with Primark is that you can afford a lot of cheap clothes and they’re pretty good quality I think. I recommend it.

This shirt on the right is from Springfield, it’s a bargain because it’s very good quality again. If you have a Springfield shop in your town and you never heard (But I’m sure you did) of it, go go go!! Seriously that’s the kind go little shops I like. They frequently propose offers, when you buy a garment the other one (the one you want) is half price. So I bought this shirt when I was in Belgium last December and good news for me because I was looking for a shirt at an affordable price like this one for so long. Since then I wear it every week aha, that’s what happens when I love a new garment.

Ellie Goulding – Delirium Album:

I don’t know if it can be considered as a seasonal style thing but I want to share my thoughts about it with you. I had never really listened to Ellie Goulding before but I was curious about her newest album. I firstly listened to a few songs on Youtube and thought I should buy it, which I did. This album makes me want to sing and dance which is a pretty good thing. Thanks Ellie I love you now!!!

Scarf from Primark:


This scarf is reversible, you can either wear it on this side,


Or this side. I like this one better. If you hate the cold, this one is a great scarf for you, it keeps me warm.

Lipstick collection:



Revlon colorstay ultimate Suede n°70, I buy a lot of Revlon products because they are the only ones which can stay about 15 hours of my lips and this one does not even come off unless I rub very hard. 


Revlon colorstay moisture stain n°5, these ones are my favorite I have an other one in pink.  


Revlon super lustrous n°810 pink sizzle.


Then finally a lip balm from Sephora. My lips gets very dry at winter, those little things help a little. I just need to wear it a bit more.

I hope you enjoyed this new post, my collaboration with Lifestyle’s draft. 

Thank you and stay tuned for new posts.


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