New blog design

As you can see it or guess it by the title (if you’re reading this in the reader because I don’t think you can see it) I changed the entire design of my blog and I’m still working on it to add a few more things. I was fed up with the old one and at first I only thought about changing the header, I thought it was too much and wanted something natural and simpler but then I ended up changing the all thing aha. I’m very happy about my blog, it feels like I have a new blog in front of me with a very different style which I really like and I’m very happy I changed it. 

I wanted to get rid of this presentation of posts, which you had to click on the picture to make the post appear, you have now a brand new design, I hope you’ll like it.

I had looked for it everywhere on the previous theme, maybe it was impossible to do but I finally found a way to add the social networks logos in the top right-hand corner of the page. Now you can visit my social medias, if you want to. 🙂 

So yeah this is the new design, what do you think? does it look better than the other one?

Thank you lovelies ❤ 



Author: Birdree

Mathilde aka Birdree wants to share her world

10 thoughts on “New blog design”

  1. I’m late again! Sorry! Why didn’t I see this in the Reader? 😔 Anyway, your new blog theme looks so editoral! Like a fashion magazine type, with the bold lines and simple fonts and colours. It’s really nice! Well done, Mathilde! 💖


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