Old embarrassing photos

Hello blogging community, how are you all? so today I want to share some of my personal pictures but they’re not only personal, they’re also pretty embarrassing aha and you’ll see that I changed a lot physically! Make sure to have your eyes wide open! 😉

This first photo isn’t embarrassing at all as you can see, I just want to start with a photo of me as a child, a normal one aha.

Photos personneles

I can’t tell you exactly how hold I was but maybe I was between 3 or 4 years old. To be honest with you, I think I look cute and look at my hair, they looked so cool at that time!

Teenage years has totally changed me, spots appeared on my face, and it was the moment I had no fashion style, clearly, I didn’t know how to dress up.


You might not recognise me on this one but this is me, back in 2009. Hard to believe it huh?  Seriously, look at this jacket! what on hearth is that? I’m not even talking about the scarf. I disappoint myself because I used to love this jacket! ^^’ But at least I have matchy shoelaces and T-shirt.

Photo personnelle

This one compared to the others isn’t too old. It was taken by my grandfather 4 years ago, at the time I thought I was a model (i’m joking). 😀


Throwback to the time I was in a band. We had our own T-shirt with our names in the back, it was good time! 😛

Photo personnelles 2

Aha I remember this one very well, a friend and I were baking and I had had this brilliant idea to cover my face with chocolate.


Look at young grumpy me in London! 😀 How can I look grumpy in London? Young me was odd.

I saved the best for last TADAAAAAAAA 


My eyebrows were totally on point aha ^^

I have a lot more pictures, but I am saving them, maybe you’ll want a part two?  I had so much fun doing this, I don’t care about posting old embarrassing photos of myself, I want you to know how I looked when I was younger aha. 🙂

Love from actual me,




Quote of the day (day 2)

Today’s quote is quite funny because it really describes me.

I am not lazy I am on energy saving mode

Next time someone says I am lazy, This will be my answer! 😛



I ordered Joe & Caspar Hit the Road on Amazon on the 21st of December and it finally arrived in the mail box 3 days ago, I order so much things on Amazon that I should get Amazon premium but, unfortunately, except it’s too expensive for my poor student life (so maybe in another life. It might be like 50 euros peer month, I already used my 30 days trial, too bad for me). I was too excited about watching it. So if you’re interest in this movie (if you haven’t seen it of course) and like Joe & Caspar, you’re on the right blog, here is my my little review.  I can also recommend you a good streaming website, it is Putlocker.is, or if you want to be a good citizen just like I am (joke ^^), you can order this DVD on Amazon or buy it in store! So I don’t really watch a lot of Caspar’s videos (i’m sorry Dicasp), but I loooooove Joe Sugg, I have the biggest crush on him, no no i’m not joking, not this time aha. How can you no like him? he is so handsome and funny and adorable and…okay I have to stop now, I think you all got it.

2016-01-29 21.49.21

I am not disappointed, this movie is the one who can cheer you up on a bad day, they’re both just so funny that you have to laugh at their jokes. This movie also made me want to travel (I’m packing my stuff aha), there are so many beautiful places in the world to see.  

I had never seen a movie like it before, I watch a lot of sci-fi or action movies but this is totally different, and it actually lasts like a proper movie, 90 minutes. Somehow, I hope there will be a HIT THE ROAD 2, more adventures about these two and more Joe! 😛 

Joe is definitely the brain of the trip, and Caspar is the little crazy one. I am not going to say anything about it because I don’t want to spoil anything if you didn’t watch it. But I recommend it, so go oooooooon!

With this DVD there is also a big poster (Joe’s picture isn’t the poster by the way), that I might hang up in my bedroom and little pictures of them during their Europe trip. 

Well, that’s pretty much I can say about it, I can’t reveal anything, you’ll have to see it by yourself! so who watched it? and what do you thing about it? write your impression in the comments. 🙂

And voilà, thank you for reading this post, I hope you’ll like it, even if it was a little bit too short and too Josephy (yeah I know it doesn’t exist aha).

Love 💛 




Let me introduce myself, that is the least I can do right? I am Mathilde and I come from France (Why am I writing in english then? because I chose to make my blog in english 😉 ) in a little city located in Normandy where it rains ALL the time (Don’t go there)

I may have plenty of things to say because I have so many hobbies and interests…but first let’s start about what I love the most: Music, I’ve been playing guitar for more than six years maybe now and singing for three years (I still was at the time I wrote this post but I don’t have the time anymore). I really enjoy it. I also listen to everything, though my favorite genre is the electronic music (Actually I dream about becoming a DJ sometimes, so tempting). 

Then, I’m interested in art, I draw, I like reading, my favorite author is Stephen King and I love Sophie Kinsella. Continue reading “INTRODUCTION”



You might ask why I chose (not an idea of me actually, but don’t tell anyone) this name for my blog am I right?!

Well, let me explain.

I’m dealing with a lot of things (like most people I guess) and I’m also a very shy person, I just can not talk with people I never talked to (I mean, you know, the kind of moments where you have to hang out with friends and they also invite other friends that you never met before? yeah that’s what I’m talking about) and that can be a handicap. A handicap that I can NOT control. Once I get to know them, it gets a little bit better but for example, I could spend an entire night without talking to anyone and it hurts sometimes and I’m even certain some people think I am antisocial, which I am not. I’m trying really hard to get over this and I do believe I can do this and I also know that I’m not the only one feeling that way, you know how I feel, we all share the same feeling after all.

Now, maybe you can understand the meaning of Birdree? Bird & Free(dom). The Bird comes out winner from this struggle.

The only way for me to talk is through the Internet, and I feel good, really good.


Love ❤