Coming back on WordPress

I’ve been away for approximately a year but here I am 😛

To be honest, I had my finals exams last year (I have exams in a few weeks) and I never got a chance to come back.

I was cooking sushis yesterday and I thought I should make a post about it and on how I make them.

What do you think? do you like sushis as well? 🙂 maybe this post will convince you to do the same! 🙂




As you can see today there is no new post, but instead, I want to try something new, sharing some of my photos with you. I’m very interesting in photography, It’s something I really  love to do, I won’t say my shots are perfect but I think it’s pretty good for an amateur. Feel free to leave me tips in the comments.



These were taken with an iPhone 6s.

You can see all my other photos on my Instagram account: Birdree


Amsterdam April 2016


Guess who’s back back back, back again? I missed you all! Since my exams are over I can devote more time to blogging, and I am first going to talk to you about my trip to Amsterdam a month ago. But first of all, I am sorry, I wasn’t able to post last week (as I was supposed to come back last monday), there was my birthday on Thursday and I had to prepare some stuff, I was kind of busy! 🙂 I hope you understand.

Mid April my parents decided to book a few days in Holland, they looked for a Hotel for some days and finally found one like a week before our trip. I love the Netherlands, this is a very beautiful country, it reminded me to the architecture in Belgium, it’s quite similar. I took some photos so I’m gonna share them with you right here:

So, what do you think? it’s beautiful isn’t it? if you ever have the opportunity to go there, don’t hesitate.

Our hotel was located outside Amsterdam, 10 minutes by train but we had to walk for 20 minutes first.

I noticed that Holland is very green, and what I mean by green is that people own a lot of plant, I really like that, they have plants on their windows ledges and every café had little flowers on every table they had, that’s so cozy, we don’t have that in France.

There’s Anne Franck’s house in Amsterdam, and I really really wanted to visit it so we bought our tickets and headed to the entry. I was speechless, the story of this women is heartbreaking, she got through so many things no one should have lived but it was a very horrible time. When I got out of the house I was very upset and sad but it’s something someone has to do in Amsterdam, and compared to other museums, this one isn’t very expensive.

In Amsterdam we met my father’s cousin I had first seen at a wedding last summer, it was good to see him again, he is quite a joker so we really got on with each other. We went to a Chinese restaurant and after that, for a couple of drinks (a coke for me 😉 ). We had a lot of fun together, he even took us to the red lights district, if you’re not familiar with this, it’s the place where women are waiting for men in red rooms to have sex with them, it’s very popular in Amsterdam and also as you can guess it, legit but in my opinion it’s very embarrassing to see.



I really hope you liked this come back post. do not hesitate to tell me what you thought of it in the comments 🙂

Love ❤


How I try to stay healthy

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well! in today’s post i’m going to tell you how I try to stay healthy. 

So, basically, I went to the doctor, end of the year last year, and she told me I should try to eat more healthy and drink more water (I clearly wasn’t) to keep myself in good shape because my body is quite sensible. This appointment made me realize that I needed to change my bad habits, so, since then, I changed my diet and started exercising 6 days  a week. I feel so much better now.

Before, I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own body, even if I wasn’t fat at all, I still had feminine shapes that I hated very much. I guess i’ve always been hang-up with my own body, and even though I know that I look fine, I always find a tiny little thing that reminds me that I’m not. Everything’s in the head, it’s only in my head. I remember I started wearing shorts at the beach in 2013 because I didn’t want anyone to see my hips and thighs. (This post wasn’t supposed to be a chatty post, I’m sorry if it is!) Just to say that since I started exercising (in my room, and it really works) I feel my body’s changed. 

I started to eat more vegetables, things I was not really eating before, my food were only starch with cream, all sorts of greasy stuff, you know what I mean. So now, I eat a lot of carrots (I love it), courgette, broccoli and other vegetables. I used to eat a lot in a day, whatever the time, and it really doesn’t help, and it’s quite hard to stop. But I feel like, since I’ve changed my diet and started exercising, I don’t anymore. 

As you can see it on the photos, I eat a lot of fruits too, it’s better than any other industrial biscuits. I can either have a fruit salad or fruits with yogurt and cereals (We’re running out of fruits now aha). I’m loving kiwi at the moment! 😉 They give you the energy you need for the day!

If you follow the SacconeJolys on Youtube you probably know they have a personal trainer named Lucy. Well, she has her own Youtube channel with a lot of 4 minute workouts to do at home (this is her channel if you want to take a look : Lucy Wyndham-Read.) That’s who motivated me, and once you’ve started one workout you never want to stop, it becomes really addictive because you fix yourself goals you want to achieve.  🙂 

I hope you like chatty posts because today was one, and I’m sorry about that!  😛 

Thank you to all of you, and i’ll see you next week for a new blog post. 

Love ❤



Tanya Burr Cosmetics


This blog post is finally here!!! I had said some time ago that I would do it, and here it is! I wanted to wait to really test the products. I only have here palettes, because that’s what I love the most in makeup, eyeshadows. If you don’t know, and if you girls want to try some of her products, there are reductions on some of her beauty products on, it’s a good deal! 🙂 

To begin, the packaging is small but handy, and it easily fits in your handbag. It isn’t cumbersome like a Naked palette (which I have troubles to carry) for example. Little hitch, the palettes only opens with a simple magnet on the front, which could be a problem in a handbag. But for this cheap price, They are really affordable products, and good quality. 

Hollywood eye palette:

Fairytale eye palette:

Galaxy eye palette:

I was very surprised because the eyeshadows are quite pigmented, especially the darker colors so to use the last ones, I don’t use any brush, I just apply it with my finger. 

My favorite palette is the galaxy eye palette, I absolutely love the colors, it’s quite festive! I highly recommend this one. 

I didn’t try, but apparently it is possible to use these palettes for brows. But I’ll probably buy a nice brow palette for my eyebrows, tempted to get the urban decay one but it’s quite expensive. (btw, if you have any other recommendations i take it!) 

I really love these palettes, some colors reminds me of the Naked 3, which I love. If you’re looking for cheap eyeshadows, then try Tanya Burr Cosmetics, you won’t be disappointed, and like I already said it, it’s a really good deal. 

I hope you liked my new blog post (sorry boys). And I’ll see you next week with an other post, byyyyyyye! 🙂

Love ❤


Book review: In real life: my journey to a pixelated world by Joey Graceffa

In Real Life: my journey to a pixelated world:5 stars

Hi everyone? how are you doing? How was Easter? did you have/eat a lot of chocolate? A new week has already started and a new week means, new blog post. 

I recently finished reading Joe Graceffa’s book, in real life: my journey to a pixelated world and I can tell you it’s a really great book, I gave it five starts out of five. 

The book starts from his early childhood days in Marlborough, Massachusetts to his youtube life. Joey’s life was quite tough, in his book, he confesses about his most difficult moments which he never talked about in any of his videos on Youtube. I was very surprised of how much he remembered each details and dialogues of his life, he talks about so many things. That’s why I liked it so much, you don’t miss a single thing. He also gives some tips at the end of every chapters in harmony with what he mentioned in them. I had never read an autobiography/biography before and I was sceptic about it, I’m more of a novel girl. But I was wrong, because I loved it. 

If you watch his videos (if you don’t no worries I’m gonna tell you) you know that his mom is a recovering alcoholic and has ups and downs and that, when he was a kid, he was bullied by kids in primary school because he has a little brain damage, so he was considered  different from his classmates (according to them). 

I wish I had read it sooner because it is a really really good book, if you like biographies or even if you don’t, you should give it a try. the story was sometimes so heartbreaking that I let a few tears run down my cheeks. 

I hope this review will convince you to read the book or tell me if you already read it, I’d love to know what you thought about it. 

Love ❤