How I try to stay healthy

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well! in today’s post i’m going to tell you how I try to stay healthy. 

So, basically, I went to the doctor, end of the year last year, and she told me I should try to eat more healthy and drink more water (I clearly wasn’t) to keep myself in good shape because my body is quite sensible. This appointment made me realize that I needed to change my bad habits, so, since then, I changed my diet and started exercising 6 days  a week. I feel so much better now.

Before, I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own body, even if I wasn’t fat at all, I still had feminine shapes that I hated very much. I guess i’ve always been hang-up with my own body, and even though I know that I look fine, I always find a tiny little thing that reminds me that I’m not. Everything’s in the head, it’s only in my head. I remember I started wearing shorts at the beach in 2013 because I didn’t want anyone to see my hips and thighs. (This post wasn’t supposed to be a chatty post, I’m sorry if it is!) Just to say that since I started exercising (in my room, and it really works) I feel my body’s changed. 

I started to eat more vegetables, things I was not really eating before, my food were only starch with cream, all sorts of greasy stuff, you know what I mean. So now, I eat a lot of carrots (I love it), courgette, broccoli and other vegetables. I used to eat a lot in a day, whatever the time, and it really doesn’t help, and it’s quite hard to stop. But I feel like, since I’ve changed my diet and started exercising, I don’t anymore. 

As you can see it on the photos, I eat a lot of fruits too, it’s better than any other industrial biscuits. I can either have a fruit salad or fruits with yogurt and cereals (We’re running out of fruits now aha). I’m loving kiwi at the moment! 😉 They give you the energy you need for the day!

If you follow the SacconeJolys on Youtube you probably know they have a personal trainer named Lucy. Well, she has her own Youtube channel with a lot of 4 minute workouts to do at home (this is her channel if you want to take a look : Lucy Wyndham-Read.) That’s who motivated me, and once you’ve started one workout you never want to stop, it becomes really addictive because you fix yourself goals you want to achieve.  🙂 

I hope you like chatty posts because today was one, and I’m sorry about that!  😛 

Thank you to all of you, and i’ll see you next week for a new blog post. 

Love ❤




La Chandeleur

Food food food food food! since Christmas I’ve taken the bad habit to eat too much, like chocolate for example ^^ I need to stop it, I should eat fruits instead. But people don’t help when they buy you a box of chocolate do they? 

So today’s post is something a little special because I am going to write about a typical thing which is celebrated every year in France, “la chandeleur”. You may ask, what the heck is this? well let me explain it for you. So it is either celebrated on February the 2nd or on the Sunday between January the 28th and February the 3rd and according to what wikipedia says it is a Christian celebration (celebrated by everyone now). My dad prepared the pancake (crêpe) batter last week before going to work and I thought I could cooked them, which I did. They weren’t perfect, some were thicker than some others but in the end they tasted good. I took a few pictures for you so here they are:

Have you ever eaten crêpes? because it is amazing, I enjoy being French so much aha. You can eat them with anything you want but the best is the sugary one, the basic one. You can also choose to eat your crêpe with an egg, ham and cheese and then bend it. It is delicious, you should try this at home and it’s easy to do so you have no excuse! 🙂

I wanted to give you a recipe but I am so bad at explaining things, I don’t want to mislead you. The Internet will do it better. Don’t forget to tell me if you already tried it before, I would like to know.

That is it for today’s post, I hope you liked my crappy pictures aha and i’ll see you later with another post!