Q&A #1

Wow I never thought you would ask me around 18 questions. Thanks lods guys, and even though it’s going to take me ages and just because you’re awesome, I decided to answer every one of yours questions (except I have one or two questions that were asked twice). 

The first question is from MysteryBlog:

☞ What is your favorite thing to blog about?  Since I started blogging in August 2015 (I first started on Blogspot but decided in September to change for wordpress) I didn’t had a specific thing to talk about but If I had to choose between all of them I would say the place I have been to. I love talking about it and sharing my little moments with you all. That’s also the best thing I like to watch on people’s blog, like two days ago I read Zoel HL’s blog post about travelling, after that I really wanted to go on a trip.

Next question from Arielle

☛ What did you first believe blogging would be like compared to what it actually is? At first I decided to start blogging for myself, I still do because I really like writing, I always did and it is the only place where I can be honest and write about everything and anything I want. But now I realize that the number of people following my blog is growing every day and I will never thank you enough for your support. I never thought one person would stop to read my blog, but almost fifty? that’s crazy! I hope I answered your question? 🙂

Questions from Dziey:

 Books or movies? Well that one isn’t easy aha, books and movies are totally different, and even though I watch at least two peer week I’ll choose books, if you read my previous post about books you’ll know I’m a fanatic.
If you could get one celebrity to read your blog,who would it be? Jennifer Lawrence, it would definitely be her, she’s perfect! 🙂
Fav song at the moment? I’ve been listening to this song for 3 days straight, it’s Hotel Ceiling by Rixton
Your inspiration? Zoella, since the first day I watched her videos and read her blog I wanted to start my own blog, and maybe start a Youtube channel one day but first, one step at a time. 

Next are from Rebecca:

 How would you describe yourself in 5 words? Stubborn, impulsive, stressed (like hell), caring and Funny (I think I am but I am not too sure of that one though aha)
Favourite quote?And in that moment I swear we were infinite” from the Perks of Being a Wallflower (the movie).

Questions from Katipereira18:

☞ What’s your favourite movie, book, TV show? My favorite movie is The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper which was released November 27th 2015, a true story from mid-1920s about the first man who changed sex. My favorite book is “The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella and my favorite Tv show is The Shannara Chronicles, a MTV tv series which first aired not so long ago. I could have said Teen Wolf because it’s one of my favorites as well but I loooove this new tv series. Well done MTV.
What’s your favorite color? Blue, color of the ocean 🙂
What’s your biggest fear? I freaking hate spiders, I can become crazy at seing one. 
Do you collect anything? Hum I used to collect cinema tickets aha
What you love about you? wow that’s a hard question because I don’t really like much things about me actually. Can I answer, my blog? because it’s part of myself isn’t it? 🙂 (and also because I really didn’t know what else to say).

Questions from adayinthelifeoftheanonymousme:

☛ Who is your favourite blogger/what is your favourite blog? I have to say Zoella again because she’s the one who inspired me 😉 and her blog as well aha
What do you want to be when you’re older? Well, I want to be an english teacher in France or abroad I’m seriously thinking about it. 

From Zoel HL:

☞ What do you love doing in your spare time? I don’t go out often, but I’m always home watching tv series/movies/reading and sometimes drawing. But sometimes I go to the cinema (always about movies aha).
What is the most amazing thing you have ever done? I may have a little story for you. It isn’t the best thing I have ever done but something which embarrassed me two or three times and people know me about this. Back to the time I was in a band called “The Scamps” with friends, we were all in a music school and every year at the end of the year their was a concert and we had to perform in front of a hundred (or more) of people. I was so anxious about going on stage and play (worst time of my life aha). But I somehow managed to do it, everything was going well until I totally forget about the chords and lyrics,and just stop (and so did my friends). I was so embarrassed. It also happened the next 2 years. Now everyone reminds me what happened when I talk about it (I’M FAMOUS 😛 lol).
What is your favorite food? Pastas, I love pastas ❤

Next Question is from Rubyscandence:

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years. Will you still be blogging? I hope I will still be blogging (even if I will be 30 years old, I can’t even think I’m going to turn 20 soon, gosh aha), maybe I’ll have my Youtube channel and will teach english? I hope so 🙂 

Questions from RaisaEscalada:

☞ What’s your favourite breakfast? I usually don’t have breakfast but when I do I love scrambled eggs with bacon that’s so yummy! Have you ever had a traumatising event? If you do, would you be comfortable in sharing it with us (your readers)? It happened a while ago, I was with my grandfather, he was driving back from buying me a magazine and I was really happy with it, I was looking at the pictures inside and was too busy to notice what was happening. That day my grandfather and I had a little car accident (but very little we weren’t hurt or anything), he actually lost consciousness while he was driving. When I lift my head and saw my grandfather unconscious I thought he was pretending (I think I was 6 or 7) to be asleep but soon I realized he wasn’t so I started crying, i couldn’t stop myself. Then 2 man came and pulled me out of the car and called an ambulance. My grandparents house was just a couple of blocks away from the accident so I ran to warn my grandmother.  What’s the happiest memory you could think of now? My 18th birthday, the best night of my life. 🙂

And last question is from EDMonGOVN:

☛ Other than BELIEVE, WHICH IS YOU FAVORITE SONG!!?? I’m a big Fan of DVBBS and “Never Leave” is the one I love more. 🙂 

And this is how I close this first Q&A, thank you so much for all your questions, I enjoyed answering every one of them. Love you all ❤


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Why we should love each other

I am happy to share this new post with all of you (well, lets be honest, a little of you aha)  Enjoy! 🙂
 We shouldn’t let religion, a skin color or who we are separate us because this, it doesn’t mean anything, we shouldn’t wait for a drama to show our family and friends (and even people we don’t know) that we love them, what do you think about that? This is the number one reason. And I am going to tell you something, I love you whoever you are, YES, I LOVE YOU. Every one deserve to be loved. 
2015-11-22 16.36.32 HDR
I went to Paris yesterday and it felt great to see this solidarity between everyone, you could feel the love. People were hanging “Free Hugs” signs, I hugged some of them and it felt really really good, for only a few seconds I felt love for them (I didn’t wanted this feeling to stop), I am very serious, I was hugging them as If they were my friends, family and I care about them I care about everyone on this planet. 
The previous picture was taken on the Republique square, where people come to drop off a candle in loving memory to the people who died on the 13th of November in Paris. it was both sad and beautiful in the same time, people were singing “La Marseillaise” together, they were smiling, some others were painting on the concrete.

2015-11-22 18.21.52



I’d like to hear your thoughts about this subject so don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below! And don’t forget to give some love too ❤ 
I love you


Let me introduce myself, that is the least I can do right? I am Mathilde and I come from France (Why am I writing in english then? because I chose to make my blog in english 😉 ) in a little city located in Normandy where it rains ALL the time (Don’t go there)

I may have plenty of things to say because I have so many hobbies and interests…but first let’s start about what I love the most: Music, I’ve been playing guitar for more than six years maybe now and singing for three years (I still was at the time I wrote this post but I don’t have the time anymore). I really enjoy it. I also listen to everything, though my favorite genre is the electronic music (Actually I dream about becoming a DJ sometimes, so tempting). 

Then, I’m interested in art, I draw, I like reading, my favorite author is Stephen King and I love Sophie Kinsella. Continue reading “INTRODUCTION”



You might ask why I chose (not an idea of me actually, but don’t tell anyone) this name for my blog am I right?!

Well, let me explain.

I’m dealing with a lot of things (like most people I guess) and I’m also a very shy person, I just can not talk with people I never talked to (I mean, you know, the kind of moments where you have to hang out with friends and they also invite other friends that you never met before? yeah that’s what I’m talking about) and that can be a handicap. A handicap that I can NOT control. Once I get to know them, it gets a little bit better but for example, I could spend an entire night without talking to anyone and it hurts sometimes and I’m even certain some people think I am antisocial, which I am not. I’m trying really hard to get over this and I do believe I can do this and I also know that I’m not the only one feeling that way, you know how I feel, we all share the same feeling after all.

Now, maybe you can understand the meaning of Birdree? Bird & Free(dom). The Bird comes out winner from this struggle.

The only way for me to talk is through the Internet, and I feel good, really good.


Love ❤